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Still, Peggy was set adrift by Don, forced to work with the execrable misogynist Stan Rizzo, who fancies himself a nudist (among other things). Forced into a hotel room with him, where she has to put up with his constant insults (although to be fair, she gave as good as she got: “I know you’re ashamed of your body. Or you should be, at least.” “You’re lazy and you have no ideas.” “You’re a fruitcake, you know that?” “And you’re chickenshit.”), she did the most amazingly Peggy-like thing and yet we never could have predicted it.
If there’s one thing Peggy cannot stand, it’s people who think they know her. She got mad at Allison for assuming she slept with Don and she got annoyed with her boyfriend for assuming she’s some sort of repressed virgin. Stan thought he had a mousey girl on his hands. Stan doesn’t know our Pegs, does he? In the end, she got what she wanted, as well as a new title to be proud of (considering its source); Peggy Olson: the Smuggest Bitch in the World. When a man like Stan Rizzo calls you that, you should go out and buy yourself something pretty as a reward. In an earlier scene she tells him about how she clapped when Don was nominated for his Clio. “He thought I was clapping for him.” “Who claps for themselves?” asks Stan, laughing at her. Well Stan, Miss Peggy Olson claps for herself because no one else will and it’s served her pretty damn well so far.

Peggy in the hotel room was the moment she became my favorite character, my spirit animal.  I never really “got” Peggy before this but once she took her clothes off to shut Stanley up and call his bluff, I realized how much she had changed and really how badass she had become.

What a fine weather today! Can’t choose whether to drink tea or to hang myself.

 Anton Chekhov (via lejardin-dessupplices) —

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